This girl and I only started talking about a month ago. We’d seen each other around at a particular friend’s parties, but never actually talked until recently. Three weeks ago we talked for a few hours. Two weeks ago we were blackout drunk and leaning against each other while talking on a bar stool for 2 hours. Last week we went hiking with the same friends, she gave me her number, and we walked to our friend’s place together. There we (this time me, her, and 3 other of our friends, mostly girls) talked from about 10 til 2:30 in the morning, after which we walked back together.

Today I took her out on a date. It was short cause I didn’t have a whole lot of time available, but we walked out to an ice cream shop and back. There was almost no flirting, no random faces between each other, no physical contact at all. We talked almost the entire time and she got really into some of the conversations, but there was also the occasional awkward silence (though not too often). When we split I just said ‘see you at the party this weekend’ and waved, and she just said ‘yea good luck with your game tonight!’

I don’t know if it was because we were less inhibited when we were drunk or just the nervousness of the fact that it actually became dating but it really didn’t seem like the last few times I’d been with her at all. Just chalk it up to a bad date? Or was this actually still better than it seemed to me?