I keep having the same dream every night… well, I say same dream. It’s not the exact same every time, but it always lead to the same thing everytime, no matter how different the beginning of the dream maybe.

In my dream, I am always trying to get somewhere for one reason or another, (need to hide, moving to a new home, running from danger, visiting a friend, etc.). This part of the dream is usually different. It doesn’t matter where I am in the world, the way to get to this place is always inside of another building. I have to find the secret door (which is always different depending on where I am in my dream and always hidden in a different spot). Once I find this the secret door, it always opens up to the exact same stair case. It’s very long, very narrow with no rails, dark ( The only light is coming from a window that is always night outside) and it’s dusty with lots of spider webs. But even though it sounds dangerous, I never have any trouble getting to the door at the top. I just run or walk right up to it. I have no trouble getting through the door either. On the other side of the door is sort of like a very upscale apartment. The architecture is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and it is amazing. I’m not sure if describing the layout will help but I will anyway just in case some are curious.


When you walk through the door, the room is very brightly lit and all the walls are painted an eggshell color. To your left is a 12 -15 foot wall that has a clear glass railing around the top and to your right is a glass wall that goes all the way up to the ceiling. It always shows the scenery of a city with skyscrapers and it’s always clear skies and bright and sunny. Just ahead of you are 2 columns and between those 2 columns, on the wall to the left is a stair way that leads up to a second floor. from here you can lean over the glass railing and look down at the door through which you just came through. In the middle of the room is a normal looking coffee table with a sofa and 2 recliners facing the giant glass wall and staircase, looking at the view. to the left is a sold door leading to a kitchen and the right of that door is a cutout (one almost like what you would see in a restaurant where the cook can look out) and there are bar stools next to it, so you can eat and look into the kitchen. On the right side of the room is are 2 doors. One leads into a bed room and the other into a bathroom. But the best thing about this apartment is what the columns (when you first came in) are holding up. On either side of the staircase that led up the second floor, is what resembles a magnificent staircase (One like you would see in an old antebellum home, that goes up and meets in the middle. But this is not a staircase. It’s flat like a ramp that goes up maybe 20 -30 feet above the second floor. It too has the glass railings around it.

It’s always the same, no matter the reason I’m trying to get there. Can anybody help me figure out what this means?