My boyfriend and I just bought our first home and we have two rooms that we’re planning to knock down the wall between in order to make one large entertainment room in which we’d like to have a little bar (no sink or anything that extreme, just storage and display for glasses and bottles).

We want to have a color scheme that will flow with the rest of the first floor. I’m painting our living room green, that leads into the kitchen which will be orange (with green accents) and that brings you down a hallway, leading to the room in question. We both really like blue and I thought that would flow nicely (green into orange with green accents, both citrusy colors, orange into blue, complimentary colors) but my boyfriend is worried.

Besides the colors of the wall, I’m having trouble finding furnishings online for this room…I’m not sure if people just don’t DO entertainment/bar areas in their homes but I’m still at a loss. I want to look for nice bars and stools, dartboards, and I was thinking that wall seating (almost like upholstered restaurant booth seating in one of the corners of the room) would be nice (can’t find ANYTHING like that online). We’d also like to incorporate some of our favorite movie posters into the room (we’re both big cinephiles!) in a nice way as well, but we’re not sure how to do that.

If anyone can help by giving me some websites where I can find nice things for a bar/entertainment area, any good ways to display our movie posters or any opinions on our color situation, that would be great! Thank you so much!