So being in college has affected my diet quite a bit (Pizza, Nachos, Sodas, etc.). However, I have been slowly adding some fiber back into my diet (I have had a history of hemorrhoids).

Morning I eat something like Cheerios or a bran bar. I make sure to drink lots of water or juice (for the vitamin boost). Lunch I tend to have a salad (with water). Snack time I chow down an apple, or if I have a taste for salty things, any salty snack with some fiber. I’ll be honest and say dinner time is where I begin to screw up, I eat meats, quesadillas, pizza, etc. (not all at once), but if I’m eating say a sandwich, I add tomatoes and such.

Anyway so the point is:

1). How long does fiber/water take to I guess soften my stool? I’m sure it’s not instantenous.

2). Dumb question, but if I have say like salad (with tomatos, kidney beans, peas, etc.) and then have something like a chicken quesadilla, will my fiber benifits be nullified?