ok so last night i had a WEIRD dream let me give you a little background information so you will better understand these are all the people in the dream

Ashley: known her since 4th grade,hadn’t had many problems with her

Kyla: known her since we were 2,been best friends since

Haley: girl that i’m sorta friends with, but i recently discovered that she is a HUGE flirt

Brandon: he is the boyfriend of my other friend, chloe, but recently he has been flirting with me, and all this other stuff….

ok so there is the background information here is the dream………

So it was a plain,and normal night me and kyla decided to go to the movies… we got settled in the theatre and i look back and Brandon is there with some other guys from the school… I all of a sudden felt really excited? Then i look at the right and Haley is there with her sister. well 5minutes into the game i look up and Brandon is sitting there alone. i look to the right and haley is alone. I got her attention and told her to come sit with us. she did and explained why her sister left.. well then she goes and sits in the row above us, me and kyla just were like ok? then out of the blue Ashley comes and sits by me. ok so we are about 30 minutes into the movie and i look back a third time and i see brandon and haley up there all up on eachother. then i get like really mad. so i go "I am going to the bathroom" so i leave the theatre and go to this upstairs addition that they added on with a pool table and other things you can do. i sit down on one of the many couches up there, and i am beyond pissed off right now. and i sit there for a good 15 minutes, and ashely comes. she asks me what is wrong and i tell her how much of a slut haley is, and how bad i felt for chloe… But i didn’t really feel that way? so we talk for a few minutes and here comes Haley,Brandon, and Kyla…(i can see them through the glass windows) so i have enought time to tell ashley " i don’t care, what they say i’m not talking to them… i guess that they can tell by my expression how pissed off i am. Brandon, Kyla and Haley come and pull up bar stools behind the couch… Kyla says " Kaci, whats wrong?" in a very caring voice… then the b*i*t*c*h haley says "who cares let’s just go back and watch the movie… then Brandon says " i care now whats wrong?" "nothing." i say then brandon is at my side. i say nothing, i can feel his eyes on me the whole time. then he grabs my head and turns it toward him and starts slowly leaning in… then i woke up.

also my dreams are never really this vivid i usually can’t remember them and sometimes i can’t make out faces.

sorry if it is kinda jumbled. i woke up this morning and wrote it down…

so please just tell me what you think of it?