I don’t know what this means so here is my dream :
I went to my classroom, and my favorite teacher from 5th grade (?) was there. There was bean bag chairs, bar stools, bar counter, cool lights, ect. Michael Jackson was there (he looked like this http://www.hotflick.net/flicks/1997_Michael_Jackson_-_HIStory_On_Film__Volume_II/Thumb/997HOF_Michael_Jackson_137.jpg) and he was signing stuff. I grabbed a random piece of paper and gave to him to sign. I told him who I was and we were talking. Then he gave me the paper and I ran and sat on a bar stool. I read what he wrote, and it said something like "Jessie (that’s my name) , you seem really cool! Maybe we could hang out sometime, check it out!" And, next to that there was an arrow pointing to his phone number. It wasn’t like a movie where I was watching the dream on TV, it was where I was myself in the dream and I saw everything through my eyes. So what does this mean? And no mean answers plz. Thanks.