I have a Latin teacher, Eugene Olson, whom I dearly love, and he’s perhaps the wisest old man you’ll ever meet. He’s a tad blunt, and he swears from time to time when he’s frustrated. He’s 85 years old (I think), and he shares my birthday, which I thought was bizarre. Anyways, I have an idea for his biography, it would be entitled ‘The Seven Thrones of King Eugene,’ it would tell his life’s tale in a gentle, humorous manner. From the day he was born, to the day of his death, he is always mentioned to be sitting. He would always sit on his porch swing as a little boy, then in his desk at school. Later, in his college dorm he’d stay in his chair to study. After the war, he would plop himself on the bar stool and drink away. Later the teacher’s chair (in which he teaches us today). Then his wheelchair in the hospital. Finally, he dies in the comfortable armchair he loves in his house.

The book would be mostly fictional, as I only know bits and pieces of his life. But his philosophy and pieces of his wisdom would be sprinkled throughout.
So, any comments or ideas?
Max, not only was that tasteful and humorous, but you mentioned two people whom I adore.