Detective Miller entered the gray building as quickly as he could. He had just been called about a murder that had occurred just a few hours ago. The bar was foggy and there were still plenty of people hanging around the establishment at this hour of 4:00am.

The lifeless body of an unknown victim lay flat on his belly in front of a few bar stools. Detective Miller stood beside the body who had a large knife stuck to his back with small pools of blood spread around his purple shirt.

The detective advised everyone there to stand back as he knelt down and took a closer look at the knife. He stretched a pair of rubber gloves over his hands and studied the murder weapon carefully.

"Butch, come here boy, take a whiff of this," he said to his companion. Butch was a well trained golden retriever who was basically detective Miller’s best asset in fighting crime. His keen senses had already put several thugs behind bars, and tonight Butch had a chance to capture a murderer, something he had not yet managed to do.
As the dog sucked in the scent on the knife’s grip, his tail began to swing fevereshly.
"What is it boy?" detective Miller whispered,