Alright So I’m thinking of making this story about a boy. Now this boy is sort of a hopeless romantic because he’s kind of been just searching for love. But he’s been extremely unlucky thus far and has suffered countless hard breaks and people just constantly hurting him. So as a result he’s withdrawn and he has a different aspect of things than normal people would and this would be addressed during the story. But during the story especially when he is lonely he constantly has dreams of this one girl. Then one day he meets this girl and he falls for her and he feels like she understands him. Then I figure something would happen and she’d have to move or something for her job. And while she was where ever she met someone else. Then the main character is crushed by this news. So he tries to OD thinking that he’ll never meet anyone like that again. But then when he wakes up he notices that his nurse was the girl of his dreams.

Alright so it’s a little rough and I have no idea if it sounds decent or too mushy. I’m going to really try to make this boy not seem like a mary sue. I know it might sound like he is up above, but I plan on making him a flawed character.

Also I was thinking that instead of that ending maybe he would have died, but the girl he had dream of would show up somewhere he would have been. Like maybe she would have shown up at his job or there would be some type of intersection. Like maybe she’s sit next to the bar stool that he regularly sits at in the morning for his cup of coffee, During this conversation with a close friend of the boy and a waiter. Kind of a final last bit of cruelty.