On June 8, 2009, james and leonard met at a local tavern for a drink. James and leonard worked for Enterprises, LLC. James and leonard competed for higher position. James received the promotion, which left leonard bitter because he felt James cheated.

James invited leonard out for a drink as a peace offering. After several hours both were intoxicated. James began to laugh, and leonard asked what was funny. Leonard refused to let it go, james blurted out that he had cheated to get the promotion (just as leonars thought).

Leonard was infuriated and, without any warning, punched james in the face. In retaliation, james kicked leonard’s bar stool from underneath him, causing leonard to the fall to the ground. James got up from the table and said, "later chump".

Leonard got up and sat at the table for a moment. He then grabbed a full, unopened beer bottle from his table and quickly rushed outside. Leonard lunged at him, hitting him in the head with the beer bottle and causing james so hard across his temple that the beer bottle smashed apart. The barkeep called the police. James was still unconscious. He died of injuries related to the final blow to his head on the way to the hospital.

In the scenario Leonard doesn’t make threats or planned to kill him. Neither at the moment they went out for a drink. They were under the influence, from how I see it, he intended to hurt him but didn’t give a sign to intentionally kill him. I think that he should be charged with manslaughter. What do you think?