I just got back from seeing them live @ the HOB and they fvckin rocked. They put on a great show…anyway i’m really fvckin drunk right now so i’m going to bed but i have a bonus question

bq ok check this out.i was waiting for a friend to meet me at the hob and i woulnd up talking to this one girl.she walked up to me and asked me for a light and we started talking.anyway she left and this other girl walked upto me and told me to watch he seat.I put my hand om the bar stool she placred next to me and comtiniued smokinhg my cigarette.anyway she came back and we started talking.then i think i invited her to ge see u2 and she gave mre her # which i put in my phone then we checked out the show then after the show she told me to call her….should i call her?

anyway i’m really drubk right now soim going to bed.
night all