i love to interpret dreams and i couldn’t really figure this one out.

i was swinging on a bar stool that was connected to a tree in my childhood backyard. after a few minutes, my mom said,"sweetie it’s time to go inside!" i said, "okay, mom i’m coming!" and then i jumped down off the stool. as soon as my feet hit the ground i felt dizzy, and i feel over the small, three feet cliff at the edge of our backyard. when i landed on the ground at the bottom, i looked at the ground and i was on top of roof shingles. then i heard growling and looked up and there was a huge wolf with yellow eyes and red pupils was staring at me. i yelled yo my mom, " MOM HELP ME!" all she said was ,"run sweetie!" and then the wolf pounced on me. as i woke up, i remember feeling betrayed that my mom wouldn’t help me. anyway, it was one of those dreams where you wake up and you sit upright really fast.

i hope i can get soe answers because this dream bewildered me. thanks for your help 🙂