1. People don’t train donkeys, because nobody wants a Smart A**.

2. Tarzan hardly played games with his pet chimpanzee, because it was a Cheetah.

3. During mating season antelopes elope after eating cantaloupe.

4. When frogs mate they jump on their mates.

5. The bar stool was conceived when a patron couldn’t hold it sitting at the bar.

6. The zebra and tiger were born with stripes, because they might become destined for captivity.

7. Dogs are considered man’s best friend. With that in mind a member of the mob tried to free his friend from jail using an Irish Springer. Later, they were caught by a Police Dog.

8. When a donkey has pain does it become a pain in the A**?

9. Possums hang by their tails to elude predators into thinking they are committing suicide.

10. Fish that are caught and released are thankful for being ‘let off the hook.’