We got a new dog a few months back, he is a one year old half lab/half husky, we had him house broken for a couple weeks, but for about a month now it seems he has no interest in holding urine or stool and will even go if we are in another room of the house, i.e. the shower. Both of our dogs are together in the house on just the main floor that is three small rooms, all with no rugs. We absolutely can not put him in a crate, unless someone has a a better idea because we came home for 5 days straight to him with a bloody and swollen nose from literally digging at the metal bars of the crate, we put him in a wicker crate we had from our other dog that he chewed through in several spots. We are struggling to get him to let us know when he needs to go out instead of just going where he wants to or not holding it at all. We let him out if he gets hyper or we notice he walks out of the room and we give him treats every time he goes outside…we don’t know what to do about accidents he has during the day or letting us know he needs out. Frustrated! Any help would be appreciated.