I noticed just the food bits 2 days ago with normal stool color, and prior to that day, I had eaten eight granola bars in only a few hours time. Then yesterday, I had eaten four of those same granola bars, along with a whole pizza and a couple burgers (thoughout the day) and today, as I just said in the title, the stool was dark green with tiny bits of something in it.

I’ve heard of worms appearing this way but these REALLY don’t look like worms at all. To me, it looks like it could just be bits of the grains and rice from the granola bars, but I’m not sure. Though they contain ingredients which I’ve read are common to show up in someone’s stool (rice, grains, peanuts). Now I’ve read iron supplements can make your stool green and these bars do contian iron (4% per bar). So could that be what this is? Is it likely eating these bars would leave little bits of it in someone’s stool? I have no pain or other symptoms of anything.
Oh and if it matters, I had kind of suddenly went from drinking LOTS of soda to drinking healthier V8 fruit/veggie juices…like I said…if that matters any.