When I get on her from the ground, the saddle (its western) slips to the side, and its soo annoying because when I put all my weight to the right it still doesn’t straighten up. Shes really fat right now and barely has any withers (but shes losing weight, and I’m starting to see them again). I lunge her before I ride and when I tighten the saddle I know it’s not too loose. So should I just get on her with like a stool or mounting block for now? Or is there anything that would help this? I don’t want to buy like a special saddle pad or anything thats expensive (my family is not rich xD). And also my saddle does fit properly, (its like.. almost full QH bars I think) it just might be a tad small because it moves forward a little but it doesn’t bother her at all, and since shes pretty round right now it will fit her better when shes back in shape.
Also when I get on her she walks right away before I can put my foot in the stirrup and straighten the saddle, and when I try to stop her she walks right away again and when I pull back on the reins I feel like I’m pulling too hard sometimes to get her to stop (and I hate doing that). It’s so annoying, you can yell "whoa" all you want, she just won’t listen, what can I do to fix this? I’m sick of having to get someone to hold her when I get on. But when I stop her to get off shes fine and won’t walk off on me.
Forgot to mention, the saddle only slips forward when I lunge her. It’s synthetic so it’s super light.
I don’t mean a stool like a bar stool type thing, I mean a foot stool xD
Wowwww. I never said she was too tall. Shes actually a 13.3 hand pony -_-.