My husband is away at basic training for the Army and I’m home alone. My husband’s best friend called me today and asked me to go to dinner with him some night this week. Before my husband left, he told me that his friend, Seth, would take me out occasionally and hang out with me so I wouldn’t get bored and so that I could update Seth on what’s going on with my husband. So, I don’t really want to go to dinner with him. Every time I’m around him, he is really touchy feely and always putting his hands on my back. One time the three of us were at a bar and Seth was standing in front of me and i was sitting on a bar stool and he was pushing his d*** into my knee. I told my husband about all this but my husband says he’s not doing these things on purpose. What should I do? Should I just go to dinner with him and if he makes any advances, punch him and tell my husband about it? If I tell Seth I can’t go to dinner, he’ll get mad and I already told my hu
sband I’d go to dinner with his friend sometimes. My husband trusts him 100% so should I? Help!