I noticed in my past experiences w/ girlfriends and my sisters that they are drawn to the things that could cause great drama as well as negative outcomes, yet they still pursue them. For example, one of my previous girlfriends left me for a guy that I despise, I didn’t care for this guy mainly because he attempted to steal 3 previous girlfriends of mine over a course of 4 yrs, yet he would still try to be all buddy buddy w/ me when I would bump in to him at the bar as well as other public events. My girlfriend was aware of my negative feelings towards this person and also understood why I felt this way about him. When we were together, even though she wasn’t an acquaintance of this guy, she acted as though her views of him were much similar to mine after sharing with her multiple factual stories regarding him, back when we were still together. The first time she ever saw him was at a bar with me and I pointed him out to her and she claimed that she didn’t find him attractive in any shape or form. Then one day her and I got in an argument about her drinking habits and she got frustrated and went to the bar. This bar just so happened to be the same exact bar that the guy I despise hangs out at on a regular basis. According to her she sat down next to him on a bar stool and shortly thereafter, he began to hit on her. They then went back to his place and slept together, and she has been with him ever since. When we discussed the matter, she claimed that she didn’t do this to despise me, she claimed that it just happened. What my question about this situation consists of is: “would she have done the same thing in the end, if I would have never expressed my feelings about him to her when we were together?” Did I accidently use reverse psychology on her? Is it common for people to react the way my ex did or is it possibly a characteristic of her bipolar/manic disorder? How can I better protect myself from falling victim to a situation such as this again?

I still have negative feelings towards her and the guy she left me for due to their actions and my sister just started hanging out with them after a small disagreement that we had, So now I’m starting to think that my sister might have the same issues as my ex does. Her actions greatly disturb me but I’m trying to keep my cool and act as though it doesn’t bother me because I’m fearful of influencing her decisions any more than I have. My sister and I have been rather close growing up and after she had a gastric bypass surgery a couple years ago I noticed that a lot of her morals as well as values have taken a great turn for the worst since this medical procedure. I just can’t believe that my sister would jeopardize our close nit relationship of 31 years, for a couple of people that she barley knows but claims that their fun.