I have this little problem with my local bar located in town where I live. I am from Forestville, NY 14062; In Chautauqua County. My problem that is whenever I go to this bar to order food late at night or early in the morning, I was harassed once and argued with to go in back to the dining area by myself constantly. I argue the fact that I’m 18 and they say that it doesn’t matter and that I need to sit in the back. The bar is partitioned into two sections, the dining area where I always sit alone, and the bar up front where the stools and pool table is located. Is this discrimination? Is there any laws that state I have to sit in the back by myself. I wait for half an hour or more in the back and my food is always served cold. Can I dispute to get equal rights like the rest of the people in the bar because I am 18 y/o. I’m not a kid anymore.