Ok, so I have 2 kids and my house is a total wreck and very small. I clean, but my house is never going to be "spotless and perfect".
I met this really great guy and on date 2 I went to his home. Very streamlined, and clean. He has kids also, but they do not live with him. I am sure he will understand my "colorful home" and random crayon marks on the walls…. but I am so paranoid I can’t stand it!
He wants to come over now to my house for dinner, and so far I have made several excuses as to why he can’t, but the reality is that I am actually embarrassed about it. I don’t have much room, and my kids and I eat at our bar on bar stools – which is very small too.
I want to have a great romantic dinner for him, but I’m just worried when he sees my place – he’s going to think I am sitting in loser city.
Should I just stop worrying and invite him over? What would anyone suggest? And by the way – this is not the first person I have invited to my home, its just the first one that I really think might go somewhere!!