I work at a bar and this past Wednesday the owner (who was intoxicated) came onto me twice after I closed down the bar for the night. I was in the middle of my paperwork when he told the manager (who happens to be his brother) that he can go. Upon his brother leaving he tried to kiss me once in which I rejected his inappropriate advance… he made another advance when he tried straddling me onto him (we were sitting on bar stools and he grabbed my legs and straddled me onto him) I was shocked but immediately regained my composure, pulled my legs away from him and got up and told him I need to get home. he did this so matter of fact that as if my "NO" means "YES". he then spent 20 minutes "trying to find the keys" probably hoping I would change my mind and sleep with him! That’s when I suddenly became frightened since I was locked in with no way out…my defense mechanism kicked in and I immediately stood my ground and said I need to go! I don’t know what to do because I need this job as it makes good money but I find myself on edge at work!

BTW the staff isn’t on a normal payroll…payout is once a month or once in two months but we survive on tips.