Does anyone know where I can find the clips of Johnny Knoxville dressed as an old man. I’ve seen multiple clips of him on youtube shoplifting, etc, but there’s a set of clips I can no longer find on youtube. I’m looking for the one where he goes into a restaurant and sits up on the bar and then falls off the bar stool. He also goes to a driving range in his old man outfit and goes to swing his golf club and lets go of it. Then as he limps out onto the driving range to retrieve his club, the guy next to him runs out to get it for him. And the final scene he goes to take a swing and pretends to pass out, and says he doesn’t need an ambulance he just needs some shade. In all of these clips he has an old lady with him ( who is really old and not in costume). If anyone has seen any of these clips and knows where I can find them I would appreciate it. Thanks.
I’ve googled it over and over and can’t find anything. I’ve also checked youtube for hours. I know its somewhere on the internet I just can’t remember what it was called