I have a crush on a guy I’ve hung out with 4 or 5 times. When we are together, he acts what I would call flirty with me. I’ve noticed that he always hugs me when I first get there, but no one else. Last time we hung out with other friends, I was sitting on a bar stool and he came and put his arms around me from behind and just stood there for awhile, hugging me. We have talked a few times on facebook, and last week he gave me his number (but didn’t ask for mine). I texted him so he would have my number. We had a very short conversation, only about 4 or 5 texts. I didn’t hear from him for the next 3 days, until he texted me last night, saying "Hey cutie". Our conversation was about 30 minutes long. He just randomly stopped replying. I havent heard from him today. I feel like he does flirt when we’re together, but like he doesnt make that much of an effort to talk to me. Am I just over-analyzing or does he just not want to come across as desperate or does it seem like he is just being overly friendly?