I have estimated her to be about 56 days along in her pregnancy (i’m not 100% about that though) She is very big, having trouble getting around. 2 days ago i found dried milk on her nipples, and its still there. She is constantly sleeping. I have put out a box and blanket in a quiet area for her to have, and showed her where it was – she rarely goes in there though. I haven’t, though, noticed a change in her eating habits, she may be eating less but not much. I have felt the babies kick a couple times. I have checked her rear and it looks normal to me. She also follows me around a bit, like to my bedroom or jumps on the bar stools when i’m cooking. She has been crying at the back door as well, its fully glass so she can see out, and she was an outside cat, so i didn’t know if she wants to be outside to have the kittens. So after listening to all that, do you think she is close to giving birth?

Just so you know – We WILL spay her as soon as she is able to be.