People are always complaining about the bar stools that I have in my bar. "My butt hurts, these chair suck". THe complaining was driving me nuts.

I was going to go buy some padding for them, but I thought that would look tacky, and I dont have enough money to buy new stools. So I went to the bars&billiards place asking if they had any stool softeners, and the jerk just laughed at me and said "very funny, try Walgreens". What the hell was his problem?

So I flipped him off, punched him in the throat, and left to go to the Wal. I bought 20 boxes of this stool softener, I rubbed them into the wood of the stools and nothing happened. The wood is still hard.

Is it supposed to soak in somehow? Do I need to get it wet to make it activate?