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“Oh, this doesn’t look good Rachael.” Her shocked face brought a smirk to my lips even though that’s how I felt inside. Shocked. And confused. But mostly shocked.
What happened last night wasn’t sposed to happen. She needed to be with someone that loves her, not someone that can’t love.

I walked the city streets late at night. My only companion was my shadow caused by the street lights. I didn’t want to go back to the house. Not with her there.
"Ian!" someone’s voice yelled. I turned to find Casey running over to me. "Haven’t seen you in years!"
I opened my mouth to say something but closed it, not knowing what to say.
"You look great," she said admiring me. My blond hair was over my face and I was dressed in mostly all black. I don’t see how that’s great.
"Thanks," I replied, thinking of what to say. "You too."
"Thank you," she said, stepping closer a bit.
"Um," I said taking a step back. "Bit to close."
"Sorry, Ian," she replied with disapointment in her voice. I hurt another person. Great.
"I got to go," I told her. "Nice seeing you again."
"Wish I could say the same," she said, walking away.
I stood frozen in the middle of the sidewalk. I keep hurting people; people that matter to me. If I go back to the house and Rachael is there, I don’t know what I’d do. When I first met her it was different. I thought I’d never see her again.

It was raining hard. I leaned against the cold, brick wall trying to stay out of it. It was my brother’s funeral. We have never been really close, but I decided to come to the funeral. Perhaps my mother and father had forgiven me, then again there’s a no. People went in and out of the building, coming and going. It’s my fault that he’s dead. I began to walk towards the front doors, fighting with myself on the topic when something hit me in the chest. More like somebody. A girl walked into me and stood there frozen. Her eyes were blue and not a fake contacts blue, but real blue and her hair was a deep red that went down past her shoulders. I knew that she was soaked by the looks of her and I would be to if she doesn’t move.
"Sorry," I apoligized, walking around her. I glanced back to her glancing at me. Like she knew me or something.

I snapped back into reality and continued to walk towards where I was going. The bar had many people in it at this hour. I walked over to a stool at the very end of the counter and sat. People glared at me, probably because I looked different from most of them. A scared up face and dressed in mostly black.
"Excuse me. That’s my seat," some guy’s voice came from behind.
"Find somewhere else to sit," I told him, not turning to see what he looked like.
"What did you say?" his voice hinted anger and that he was a bit drunk.
"Find somewhere else," I was thrown to the ground before I could finish.
The man was significly taller than I and weighed more than me too. He picked me up by the front of my shirt and shoved me against the wall. The pain went through my back fast, and strangly felt good. I fist hit me in the stomach causing me to gaug. I got one arm free and punched him in the side of the face. Didn’t help to well with getting him off me. The bar manager finally came out and got him off me. I fell to the ground and spit out a bit of blood.
"Are you okay?" the manager asked helping me up.
"Peachy," I told him.
"Are you sure?" he asked. "The police are here and want to know if you need a medic."
"I’m fine, but can you call somebody for me?" I asked sitting on the stool the man threw me off.
"Sure," he said. "Number?"