its 1138 pm
this is how my day went. it got a little fucked because i was building a motorized barstool for a few hours
meal1-3 eggs 2 eggbeaters 1 piece of protein cheese 2 slices of wheat bread-560 cals
meal2-3 go lean waffles and a glass of 2 % milk-495 calories
meal3(this was like 3-5 hours later remember the bar stool)-healthy choice steamer thing 4 cups of milk and 3 cheese sticks- 980 calories
meal4- 2 cups of 2% milk and cheese stick- 320

i havent eaten crap today…it so little i had 2355 calories
i need around 2700-3000 to loose weight i aint feelin 2300 my body is going to wtf mode and i feel lightheaded
and if you have shit to say about this diet lol
ive lost about 15 pounds
bodyfat from 26% to around 17% in a month
from 195 pounds to 17% which dont make sense to me cuz thts 20 pounds of fat and i only lost 15 pounds but whatever
it works for me…
195-180** im 5ft3 to
im 17 years old male
i bulked for 9 months getting up to 7k calories a day and ive been well over that if i had a REALLY hard workout
i went from 130 pounds 12% bodyfat to 195 pounds at about 26% bodyfat so yeah 🙂 idk if you can comprehend that since you prob dunno what bulking is
im trying to keep the muscle mass while cutting the fat right now
which is a bitch and i hate eating this much i barely get any food
alright w.e
idc if your taller
i like being short
i can fit in small places haha
already have one
ive had 2
went out with number 1 for almost a year and a half and the girl with with now ive been with for a year and a half
gdluck getting a boyfriend being tall
loosing fat
and ok
i just had a glass of milk and im done till tomorow lol