My german shepherd Zoey is 7 months and my pomranian Khloe is 6 months. They both are completely potty trained so I hate to leave them in kennels when I go to work. So I have been leaving them locked in our kitchen which is a pretty big kitchen, they keep tearing stuff. I have took away everything they could tear up but now they are starting to chew on my bar stools and the cabinets. What should I do ?
I am only gone for 5 hours at the longest,
First off they have been together since Khloe was 8 weeks and Zoey 12 weeks. They seem like they are from the same litter. They love each other more than me, My german shepherd would never ever hurt my pom they are sisters, and Zoey understands that she is way larger. Second off there is nothing in the kitchen that could hurt them I put everything up. its just them chewing on wood, Like the bottoms of cabinets and my wooden stools.
And energy wise, I have a fenced in yard we play out side for a good hour and half before I go to work. and plenty more when I get home.
Thanks B!nd! for your advice. I would love to leave them in the yard but my little pom can climb the fence she did it one day when I went to check the mail so I am afraid if I left her in the yard she would try to come find me. But thanks for your other advice.
Thank you so much snow queen. you have great ideas, and I like that you don’t like kennels I don’t either. I hate for my pups who are potty trained to have to be in a kennel rather than being with each other. I am going to try your ideas and see how it goes. I did kennel them until they got potty trained but I hated it the whole time.

fyi. I have left them both by their self, with out each other. I have taken Khloe somewhere and left Zoey and nothing would be messed up and I have left Khloe by herself and taken Zoey and nothing is messed up. Its just when they are left together that they chew and tear stuff up.