This is a long and strange story, but please read it all.
My girlfriend was an exotic dancer, and one night while at work met a man. This man fell madly in love with her, as most men do, (she’s quite beautiful) and started showering her with attention, and gifts. He bought her all kinds of things, because as he said he wanted to spoil her, and he said he wanted to show her what love really was. When we had to move and could not find an apartment, he bought a house and let us live in it. The only thing he wanted as payment he said was a hug & kiss from her. He bought furniture for the house, beds, bar stools, dressers and a kitchen table and chairs. One night he decided to let himself into the house, he was the owner and had a key, so he figured he had the right to just go in whenever he pleased. So he waited until we were both at work and let himself in. He went through our personal belongings! So we decided we had had enough of his craziness and decided to leave the area completely. He told my girlfriend that she could take the bed he bought her, but no other furniture. We took everything else he bought her, as he had said he bought these things for her because she either a) needed the items, or b) he loved her and wanted to buy her anything he could. They were gifts. Ok, now fast forward 3 months later. We are happily settled in our new home, looking for work. When one day we find out that there are THEFT charges against us both! Now to make matters even worse, because we moved out of the state, and the police couldn’t find us to serve us paperwork, there are now warrants issued for both of us. What on earth do I do? I didn’t steal anything from this man, we only took what he said we could, the BED and all of his "gifts" to my girlfriend.
We are being charged separately, and have both gotten a public defender. Her lawyer said he thinks that the charges are crap, that it sounds like a scorned lover trying to get revenge. My lawyer hasn’t spoken to me. SO what can I do to prevent myself from going to jail? How can I prove that I didn’t take anything from this guy if my lawyer won’t even talk to me untill the day I go to court? My girlfriend has a spotless record, I on the other hand…well let’s just say I’ve been in my fair share of trouble. I feel like I’m going to go to jail for something that I didn’t do…all because this man is upset that this lady would rather be with me than him. Someone help me please.