I know I need a contractor for this because I myself can’t do it, but I have a question…

I guess there was a complete wall between my kitchen and dining room. Previous owners must have decided to open it up– but did a HORRIBLE job on it (unless they were giants!). Pretty much, they cut down the wall, but it is too high to be used for anything (except as a high table top with really high bar chairs). You can’t really cut on it and you can’t really prep food unless you have a step stool! Not only that, but they got one of the cheap countertops (plastic looking one), plopped it on top of their messy- cut wall (it looks really bad), held it up with huge gray brackets (the walls are white) and on the other side, a wooden pole to hold up that side of the counter. Yes, a wooden pole. That’s not even fastened to the floor, so I can kick it out of place if I want to.

Technically, all that has to be done is to cut more dry wall and place a countertop correcly, right? Do I need to worry about electrical issues or if it’s load bearing? Aside of studs, is there anything I need to consider before getting myself into this? Seems pretty simple, but I have no experience with any kind of construction work.

Thank in advance.
Oh, I definitely saw it prior to purchasing. But I figured it was a minor adjustment. There are a few things in the house that are actually off on their size (cabinets are hung really low due to large soffits that I am also going to get looked at to see if there is anything behind it). Previous owners seemed a bit lax about the detailing since it is an older home (built in 83). No renovation, but some minor accomadations I guess. I will def get some estimates. Didn’t think that maybe there was something in the wall that stopped them from going lower Thx!