The WWE Chariman Vince McMahon is in Texas because RAW is in Texas for that week. In a bar somewhere, Vince is there and is talking crap about Texas’s own Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince knows Stone Cold is nowhere to be found so he disses The Texas Rattlesnake despite other people there and the bar tender telling him to ease off The Rattlesnake. He keeps dissing him calling a washed up has been, then he senses someone behind him, there he is Stone Cold. Stone Cold laughs and starts saying "WHAT?". Vince runs out of there trying to ditch Stone Cold. He runs out in the parking lot and crawls under the cars hoping Stone Cold won’t see him. He’s wrong! Stone Cold is off to his right and Stone Cold picks him up by the collar and calls him a son a bitch and then Stone Cold stomps a mudhole in him and gives him a Stone Cold Stunner. He picks him up over his shoulder, takes him back in, and puts him back on his bar stool and asks
"Got anything else to say about me?"