We recently bought a house and since then, my mother-in-law has constantly been trying to decorate it. Her style is NOT my ideal. We recently had an argument over whether there should be bar stools at the island in the kitchen (she said yes, I said no). She thinks we need a bigger table (a glass top, even though we have 2 boys under 4) and she doesn’t like our curtains (which I made and my husband and I love). She’s always buying things she thinks we need for the house (sometimes expecting us to pay her back, even though we never told her to buy them and really didn’t want them). She’s bought god-awful drapes, that are just sitting in our closet because I think they’re hideous (and I’ve told her so). The most recent is that she has bought a set of bar stools for our kitchen (which I didn’t want, and she knows that) for a birthday present for my husband. Oh yes, it’s a birthday present, so she knows I won’t say anything against it. How can I get her to butt out without hurting her?