So I was watching a hockey game with my friend at a local bar in a big city and was saving a seat for a friend who was coming after work. A girl came up to me and asked if she could have the seat and I told her someone was using it. She took it in a wrong way and said I was rude, though I ne er meant to be. Later my friend came and stayed then had to take someone home so the stool looked empty. The girl came again and asked I she could have it and I told her it was saved. She the called me a few bad names, attempted tO throw the jacket off the chair then left and got another chair. She then walked by, called me more foul names then I muttered one back. She them pushed me off a high top chair. The bar didnt kick her out until I asked and would not give me her name. I blacked out and can’t Put pressure on my left knee and they refuse to do anything for me. Anything I can do???