ok so here it goes. Last week I had this dream right and its about one of my best friends getting married to her current boyfriend. (This dream was the same night as her Sweet 16 when her mom says, why cant she get married and have a party all on the same night.) so anyways, after the wedding, we were all at the reception. Our dad’s are fire fighters at the BPFD. And thats where the reception was. So her and i were talking. And all of a sudden I say, "wow mel your 9 years older than my dad," (My dad is 45) but she was in a Sixteen year old’s body. Then she told me, " Dont be surprised that when you see me next week after our honeymoon that I’ll be pregnant." After that I went to sit down on the bar stool and everything and my crush Matt, came up to me and aparently he heard the whole conversation. He asked me what was wrong. I said nothing. Then he said, " what do you want to have a baby too?" He was like almost right on top of me. It was so strange, but then my alarm clock went off.