well here is the story, me and my boyfriend of almost 6 years got into this huge fight last night and he hit me in the face and then he threw the bar stool and broke the oven door (talk about a lot of glass everywhere) it was a big huge mess, and thank god that my kids were in the other room well long story short i called the cops and he got arrested last night well then today his mother went and talked to the sheriff and only paid and he didn’t even have to go in front of the magistrate or nothing, talk about unfair huh? i just don’t get it you know well this isn’t the first time he has hurt me, this is though the first time that he got arrested for it, now he is calling me right now and i really don’t want to talk to him because he always gives me the i’m sorry and i didn’t mean it, it won’t happen again and i love you routine, so i really just don’t know what to do should i talk to him? what do i say? what do i do? or should i just ignore him? thanks for any advice ya’ll have for me help
i am in the process of getting a protective order in the morning also