So my ex and decided to divorce about a year ago. During the marriage i made sure to save money for "our" future and stick to a budget, i mean i could have been one of those wifes that didnt care and just spent every single penny and even put us in debt, but im not that type of person. So before we divorced we paid off my car, only about 00 left on it, then put 00 down on a new car for him so it was even. then we pretty much split the rest of the money in the savings evenly.

in a few short months after we divorced he had already spent all of the money he got (around 00) and now has debt. It bothers me that i spent all those years saving and he just goes out and spends it all on nights out partying and drinking and new clothes and tattoos and a new speaker system for his car. i now feel like i should have been a bit*h and tried to take it all especially since now he probably makes more than twice what i do.

should this bother me??? would it bother you???

also, when i moved out he found out he was getting stationed in Italy, so he rented the house out to someone he worked with. Since we knew the person who would be living in the house we agreed to leave the large furniture in the house for him to use temporarily since the ex could not take it to italy and it would not fit in my new much smaller apartment, and that i would get the furniture from the house when i decided to move back to Texas.
a month or so later the ex called and said they guy living in the house would like to buy the furniture from us rather than trying to find new, i decided that would be ok. well it has now been MONTHS and have not heard anything else, like did the guy living there give my ex money??? or did he change his mind and dosnt want to buy it??? and now i am wondering and a bit pissy because of some pictures i saw on facebook.
Apparently the guy that lives in the house had a party at the house. outside. and he took the nice dining room table, chairs and nice leather bar stools OUTSIDE! the table was being used as a beer pong table! these things were not cheap and now im pissed because if he has not paid for them he needs to be more respectful of other peoples things…. and if he has paid for them my ex has not given me money for them….

how would you feel about this?? what would you say to the ex???
ok.. i know his finances are not my problem.. i know i cant change most of it, that was not my question really.

i was MAINLY asking if these things would bother you, even in the slightest??? knowing that you worked and saved for years and then he just blows it all, i guess it dosnt matter married still or divorced, would that bother you??