My 20th birthday is in just a week. I’m having it in this banquet hall. Here’s the desciption, the main wall is silver in color with pink bordered squares. White bar stools. And stairs on the extreme end of the room. So I thought this set up would be perfect to have a PINK theme.

I plan to decorate the room with silver and pink streamers and have pink roses placed in the room with pink candles. Also going to have a pink hukkah stand. And if allowed I’ll try and bring candy floss and pink marshmallow from outside, and place it on the tables. 🙂

Dress code is : Blank or pink 🙂 I thought of naming this theme "Blush"album name "Pink blush pink rush lipgloss candyfloss, looking hot, call the shots"

So my questions are 1)Can I PLEASE have some THEME NAMES. 2)How is the decor? Any other ideas?