I’ve taken in a feral kitten, about 9 months old (born outside, we caught and neutered him). He is still very paranoid, will not come when I call him and runs if I approach him. He does let me pat him if he’s under something. Eventually he will be a house kitty!

He has just discovered my leather couch! We put aluminum foil over the parts he has scratched and he just finds another spot on it. Since I can’t cover the entire couch, love seat, chair and ottoman in foil, what can I do? I’ve seen suggestions for the Soft Paws, but there is no way I could get them on him, since he is not anywhere near being ready to be held. We do have other scratching posts in the vicinity. The couch is not brand new, so I don’t think it’s the scent that is attracting him.

Please help! Thanks a bunch in advance!



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