At a sorority party my (very) drunk girlfriend (of 4-5 months) kissed another guy.

Details- She was very drunk in part because of my actions (I "set the pace"). I was MIA due to my own inebriation (sick) and she spent most of the evening "blackout." Dumb evening all around.

Regarding the kiss- she was told of it the next day (didn’t remember doing so). I believe they made out while sitting on a couple bar stools.

When she told me, it didn’t really bother me at the time. She was deathly white and felt terrible about the incident. I know I’ve had similar feelings at times (while out without her), and I didn’t want to judge her unnecessarily– and because I don’t think it really changes our relationship.

However, this incident is really starting to eat at me and I’m wondering what I should consider saying/doing. I’ve heard the term "people do while drunk what they would think while sober," which scares me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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